First Offender of Drug Possession- What Steps Should I Take?

When someone is arrested for possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS), the stakes can often be quite high, even for first time offenders.

While most first time offenders may think they can expect a light sentence, the truth is that Texas’ harsh drug laws leave the door open for hefty fines and jail time.

First Thing To Do After Drug Arrest – Contact A Criminal Defense Lawyer

The very first thing someone accused of drug possession should do is speak to a qualified and experienced Kingwood Criminal Defense Attorney. Time is limited in drug possession cases and an arraignment and preliminary hearing will be just around the corner for many defendants.

The arraignment is the first court hearing after booking the defendant. He or she will usually enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. The arraignment is also an opportunity to announce a plea bargain reached between the defendant and prosecutor which can save everyone involved time, energy, and money litigating the case.

Seek Drug Treatment After your Arrest

Even if the charge was for possession of a small amount of marijuana, defendants should seek some kind of drug counseling or treatment to show prosecutors and the courts he or she is taking the charges seriously and looking to avoid the same mistakes. Judges and prosecutors want to know they can trust the defendant not to repeat the same bad behavior and may be more willing to give lenient sentences if they feel the defendant is at low risk of recidivism.

Seeking treatment is more than just showing up to counseling, it’s also about making genuine changes to avoid future run in with the law. This can include ceasing relationships with types of people who run in drug circles and steering clear of lifestyle choices that can lead to temptation.

Get a Deferred Adjudication for your First Time Drug Possession Charge

While drug penalties in Texas can be harsh, the courts also allow certain offenders to complete deferred adjudication programs to help them have the charges dismissed, move on with their lives, and eventually seal their criminal records. First time offenders can benefit greatly from this and since they have no criminal records, judges may be more likely to recommend these programs.

If you were arrested for a first time possession of a controlled dangerous substance, contact Andrew Williams an experienced Houston Drug Charge Attorney with over 20 years of experience who knows how to help you. Our office in Kingwood, Texas serves clients throughout Harris County, Montgomery County, Liberty County, and San Jacinto County.

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