Client Reviews

best attorney in the area

I’ve dealt with multiple legal situations/attorneys and I felt silly for not using Mr. Williams on all of them when I found him. Absolute best attorney in the area, truly cares about you and is down to earth. He will do anything he can to help you, and get back to you in a timely manner. Also charged less than the other lawyers he was infinitely better than. I have a buddy who had quite the legal situation that he helped out as well. Coming from someone with experience with multiple attorneys that others highly recommended, please do yourself a favor and go with Mr. Williams, trust me.

– Hayden M.

Andrew Williams the best lawyer in town

Andrew Williams the best lawyer in town. My case took longer than expected to get everything in order. In return Andrew always kept me focused on my end goal. Very reasonable pricing. I will recommend Andrew to anyone.

– Bud M.

always patient and very thorough

Mr. Williams did an amazing job representing me throughout my case in Harris County. He was always patient and very thorough when explaining procedures, laws and regulations. It was nice having a lawyer this knowledgeable on my side..

– Hershell G.

Worth every penny

Initially I got a discount lawyer. I talked to a bunch & this guy really seemed to know what he was doing. He couldn’t fill out the simplest paperwork and wound up giving me the incorrect court date so I missed court. I figured I might go to jail even though the charge was based on a lie with absolutely no evidence.
Andrew Williams was exemplary. He was clear and direct which gave me a degree of comfort. The board certification makes a difference. He got me a dismissal as fast and painless as possible. Worth every penny.

– Tom C.

Truly an amazing Attorney

Truly an amazing Attorney. Pricing is more than reasonable and has a way of simplifying the legal forms. Very friendly and helpful. Will definitely be my first call for any legal matter in the future!

– Lionel H.

passionate and dedicated

Andrew is a very good listener and great strategizer. He can easily assess a case and table all possibilities so one could make an easy choice of direction. He is determined always, to legally fight for his clients. At some point you may just feel like he is your brother because of how passionate and dedicated he likely could be. He is very principled and not so crazy about extra inflationary and extortionary charges and fees compared to his placebos. Every bit of what he owes you, be rest assured to get back and on time and properly documented. He is well grounded in his field of professionalism. Andy is worth giving a try!!!!!!! I will recommend him any time. Thank you Mr. Andrew, for all your sincere assistance and supports.

– Ovunda C.

kind, friendly lawyer who is affordable and goes the extra mile

Andrew is a rare find–a kind, friendly lawyer who is affordable and goes the extra mile. He helped my family through a legal problem, and was incredibly patient and knowledgeable. I would refer him to anyone, anytime.

– Heather J.

exceeded all of my expectations and then some

I could not be more thankful to Mr Williams. He was very caring, patient and helpful through out the whole process. He took the time to really listen to me and instantly knew he was playing on MY TEAM. I felt a huge weight lifted from my sholders after our first meeting.
Outstanding work ethic demonstrated throughout the process and could not have asked for a more favorable outcome.
He exceeded all of my expectations and then some!
I highly recommend Andrew Williams!

– Cindy W.

he is an excellent Attorney

Andrew Williams has been our family lawyer for over 10 years. Mr. Williams is very smart, yet compassionate, he is an excellent Attorney and I would recommend him to everyone!

– Carol H.