Texas Drug Trafficking Charges: Understanding & Challenging The Charges

The Intricacies of Texas Drug Trafficking Law Plunging headlong into the vast and labyrinthine maze of the Texas legal system can be exceedingly daunting, particularly when severe and complex drug trafficking charges further complicate the situation. A comprehensive understanding of these charges and their respective legal implications is not just beneficial but is fundamentally essential. […]

Texas Juvenile Shoplifting: Understanding the Consequences and Legal Options

Shoplifting is a prevalent issue that affects retailers and individuals alike. When it comes to juveniles, understanding the consequences and legal options for those charged with shoplifting is crucial. This article aims to shed light on the unique aspects of juvenile shoplifting cases and provide guidance for parents, guardians, and young individuals navigating this complex […]

Texas Drug Possession: What if the drugs have been planted on you?

Drug possession is a serious crime in Texas, with severe penalties ranging from incarceration to fines and a permanent criminal record. However, in some cases, an individual may be wrongly accused of drug possession when the drugs have been planted on them. This can happen in various situations, such as misunderstandings, false accusations, or deliberate […]

Texas Law: Failure To Appear

A failure to appear (FTA) in Texas is when you don’t show up for your court hearing. This can happen for several reasons, such as forgetting or not realizing when the scheduled hearing was to happen. Whatever the reason, failing to appear in court can have serious consequences. What Happens If You Fail To Appear […]

What is the Statute of Limitations on Shoplifting in Texas?

Shoplifting is the theft of merchandise from a business premise. It is one of the “offenses against property” detailed in Title 7 of the Texas Penal Code and, more specifically, a theft offense consolidated under Section 31.03 of the Code. Theft offenses are classified according to the value of the property taken and, like most […]

Understanding Texas Penal Code 30.05

In Texas, the offense of criminal trespass, as outlined in Texas Penal Code 30.05, can lead to jail time and long-term consequences that can seriously impact your future. As such, if you are charged with this crime, you need to start thinking about how you will defend yourself...

Been Arrested: Can the Police Search My Phone?

Being arrested or approached by police can be intimidating. You may not know your rights, or you may feel pressured into consenting to police requests you’re not sure about. The Constitution protects us from “unreasonable search and seizures”, but what does that mean when you’re arrested? The police can search your pockets, and maybe even […]