Texas DWI Myths

Unless someone has been been charged with a DWI offense in the past, spoken to a DWI lawyer, and been to court, he or she will probably have a variety of misconceived notions about how a DWI works.

While every situation is different and DWI offenders are encouraged to consult an experienced Kingwood DWI attorney, there are several DWI myths everyone should be aware of.

DWI Field Sobriety Test Myths

When an officer suspects a driver may be guilty of DWI, he or she will be asked to exit the vehicle and perform field sobriety tests and eventually take a breathalyzer test to measure their blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Some officers may insist the suspect must submit to the tests or outright order compliance.

The truth is that DWI suspects do not have to participate in any field sobriety tests or submit to a breathalyzer and should not do so. The purpose of these tests is to gather evidence for a conviction and chances are if someone is pulled over for DWI he or she will be going to jail regardless of their cooperation with officers.

License Suspension after DWI

Many people charged with DWI believe that once they are arrested or convicted, their driver’s license will be suspended and there is nothing that can be done to change that. The truth is that following a DWI arrest, police must inform you of your right to challenge your automatic driver’s license suspension and you may be able to keep yourself on the road while your case works its way through the courts.

DWI Expungements

A lot of folks have probably heard of others getting out of serious trouble by completing pretrial intervention programs or something similar to have their judgement deferred and record sealed. With a DWI in Texas, there is no such option.

Find a Kingwood DWI Attorney

If you were charged with DWI, it is important that you speak to an experienced Kingwood DWI Lawyer about your case. Contact Andrew Williams an experienced Houston DWI Defense Attorney with over 20 years of experience who knows how to help you. Our office in Kingwood, Texas serves clients throughout Harris County, Montgomery County, Liberty County, and San Jacinto County.

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