Under 21 1st Offense DUI – What Happens Now?

Texas is one of many states with a zero tolerance policy on drinking and driving by minors (persons under 21) with penalties similar to those faced by adults (persons 21 or older).

While adults may have the luxury of having an allowable amount of alcohol in their system, minors cannot since it is illegal for them to consume alcohol in the first place.

Under Texas DWI laws, minors charged with driving under the influence (DUI) can face the following penalties if convicted or plead guilty:

  • One-year suspended license;
  • Up to $500 fine;
  • 12 hours of alcohol education courses;
  • Six-months suspended license for failure to complete alcohol education courses;
  • Interlock device installation;

How can I get a lighter DUI sentence?

Often times, judges give more lenient sentences to minors and first time offenders to help them learn from their mistakes and move on with their lives. However, these opportunities are never guaranteed and depending on the disposition of the defendant, the judge may decide to impose harsher penalties.

One way to demonstrate responsibility and remorse over the incident is for the defendant enroll him or herself into some kind of alcohol education counseling or education classes. Taking this kind of action can show courts one is serious about their future and determined to learn from a mistake.

These classes can be expensive and many may not be able to enroll in them. In lieu of that, defendants should avoid drinking alcohol, performing some sort of community service, and finding someone who can attest to their sobriety as another way to take responsibility for the incident.

Getting a DUI Expunged in Texas

Texas law allows DUI defendants to complete what are known as deferred adjudication programs to avoid a conviction. Depending on the circumstances of the arrest, judges may be willing to grant the defendant the privilege of a deferred adjudication program and avoid conviction.

Furthermore, defendants are allowed to expunge their arrest record under deferred adjudication for DUI. This is a luxury not afforded to adults facing DWI and minors granted this ability should take full advantage of the opportunity granted and learn from this one-time mistake.

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