Did you know the consequences of a theft conviction in Texas can lead to a criminal conviction that can last a lifetime. Even a conviction for shoplifting of an item worth only a few dollars is a theft under Texas law. A conviction for any type of theft and you can end up with a […]

Do Police Have The Right To Search Your Car

Police officers do not have an automatic right to search your car whenever they want. You do not have to agree to an officer’s request to search your car. If asked, you should tell the officer he does not have your permission to search your car. Most people don’t realize they have the right to […]

Can You Be Searched and Arrested for a Traffic Infraction?

As Americans, we consider the Constitution of the United States to be one of the most precious documents as it was created to protect our rights and freedoms. Included in the Constitution is the Fourth Amendment, the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. This Amendment comes into play when someone is pulled […]