Understanding False Imprisonment in Texas

When a person holds another person captive against their will without proper authority, it is called false imprisonment. Kidnapping is the best-known type of false imprisonment and it is a serious criminal offense that carries heavy charges for people who are convicted.

What is the Difference Between Being Arrested vs. Detention?

Being detained by police does not necessarily result in being placed under arrest. This is important because there is a significant distinction between the two, especially with regard to your rights. Knowing the difference between detention and arrest can help you protect your rights while simultaneously obeying the law and mitigating any further damage.

Types of Expunctions in Texas

Depending on the type of crime you were arrested for, this can affect your ability to obtain a firearms identification card (FID) and even limit certain job opportunities. Fortunately, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you with expunction.

What is Probable Cause in Texas?

Probable cause is the standard of proof used by law enforcement to make an arrest, conduct a search, or perform a seizure. This prevents police from arresting a person for no reason or because they think a person “looks guilty.”