Types of Expunctions in Texas

If you are arrested but not convicted, you should seriously consider hiring an expungement attorney to help you with the expunction process.

Your arrest and the details concerning why you were arrested will appear on your record if an employer or government agency conducts a background check.

Depending on the type of crime you were arrested for, this can affect your ability to obtain a firearms identification card (FID) and even limit certain job opportunities.

Fortunately, an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Kingwood can help you with expunction.

Once completed, the record of your arrest will be erased and no longer appear on future background checks that are conducted by non-governmental agencies.

There are 3 types of expunctions in Texas:

      • Standard expunction — Under the standard expunction, you did not receive an acquittal or pardon and were not charged or convicted. While there is no timeline to complete the expunction process, it is in your best interests to do it as soon as possible. A knowledgeable lawyer can assist you in obtaining and filling out a petition for expunction. Once complete, it must be filed at the district court where the crime took place or where you were arrested.
      • Expunction for acquittal or pardon — If you are convicted but then acquitted in appeals court, you need an expunction for acquittal or pardon. It is important that you fill out and submit the expunction paperwork within 30 days or you will be subjected to filing fees.
      • Discretionary expunction or dismissal — If you were convicted but then later acquitted of the crime, the state may recommend expunction of your criminal record. To be considered for a discretionary expunction or dismissal, you must file a petition in the district court in the county where you were arrested. As the name implies, whether your conviction is erased is dependent upon the discretion of the judge.

180 days

180 after your expunction order goes into effect, you will have a clean record. If your expunction is subject to exceptions, certain agencies may still be able to find out about your past.

However, potential employers, universities and other interested parties will not be able to find out about your arrest.

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