What Does a 2nd DWI Mean for Me?

Like most states, Texas has increased penalties for drivers arrested and convicted of multiple DWI offenses. The repercussions include increased jail time, steep fines, and financial penalties to retain ones driver’s license. Texas has an indefinite look back period which means no matter how long ago the first DWI conviction was, courts are bound to take the conviction into consideration for sentencing.

Following a second DWI arrest, defendants should strongly consider hiring an experienced Kingwood DWI lawyer to help them avoid these costly pitfalls and put their lives back on track. Police, prosecutors, and judges typically do not go easy on individuals with multiple DWI arrests and may feel the need to make an example out of him or her to deter similar behavior and instill faith in the public.

Criminal Penalties For Second DWI in Texas

As a Class A misdemeanor, criminal penalties for a second DWI conviction can be very severe. Jail time for a second DWI conviction ranges from a minimum of 30-days to a maximum of one-year in jail. Defendants may also face a maximum fine of $4,000 and have their license suspended anywhere from 180-days to 2-years.

Whether or not a defendant receives the maximum or minimum penalties for a second DWI offense depends on many factors including the defendants BAC (blood alcohol concentration), whether he or she put others at risk of bodily harm, behavior at the time of arrest, and whether or not remorse is shown for the act.

Can I Still Drive After A Second DWI In Texas?

Often times, the civil penalties for a second DWI in Texas can be just as devastating as the criminal penalties. Even if a defendant receives the minimum sentence, he or she can face additional hardships before and after going to jail making it more difficult to move on with their life.

After an arrest, police inform defendants they have 15 days from the date of the incident to request an administrative license review hearing to keep their license until trial. Individuals who fail to do so may be left with a means of transportation until their legal matters are resolved.

Furthermore, drivers may end up paying an annual surcharge of $2,000 to keep their license if convicted. If the courts deem appropriate, defendants may be ordered to undergo DWI intervention programs and install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle. Failure to do any of these things will result in the individuals license being suspended until compliance with the protocols.

Kingwood DWI Defense Lawyer

If you were charged with your second DWI, it is vitally important you speak to an experienced Kingwood DWI lawyer about your case. Contact Andrew Williams an experienced Houston DWI Defense Attorney with over 20 years of experience who knows how to help you. Our office in Kingwood, Texas serves clients throughout Harris County, Montgomery County, Liberty County, and San Jacinto County.

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