Texas DWI Myths

While every situation is different and DWI offenders are encouraged to consult a DWI Attorney, there are several DWI myths everyone should be aware of.


NO DOUBT YOU WONDER WHAT THAT MEANS? READ ON IF YOU WANT THE ANSWER. You can get arrested for driving while intoxicated even when you’re not driving. As strange as it sounds, it’S true. The law actually states operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated is illegal. You can find the definition in Texas Penal Code […]

How to Avoid a Drunk Driving Arrest on Labor Day Weekend.

Don’t ruin your labor day weekend Drunk drivers be aware, Police officers, Constables, Sheriff’s deputies and Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers will all be out in force this Labor Day weekend. They will be out thick as thieves targeting drunk drivers. In the Kingwood, Humble, Atascocita, and many other areas, they will stake out […]

Expunging a DWI in Texas

Following an arrest for driving while intoxicated (DWI), the chief concern for most individuals apart from how they will get bailed out of jail, is what repercussions the arrest and possible conviction may have on their life. Many offenders end up taking responsibility for their momentary lapse of judgement. However, almost all believe one indiscretion […]

DUIs: Is it Worth Refusing a Breath Test?

Being pulled over after having a few drinks can be an especially precarious situation for drivers. Wondering weather or not they may be arrested and go to jail, lose their license, and carry a criminal record for the rest of their lives may cause panic. In these situations, police may overstate the driver’s physical state […]