Occupational driver’s license: Drive legally

You can drive legally with an Occupational driver’s license even if your license is suspended, expired, cancelled or revoked.

Driving while you license is suspended is illegal. You can be arrested and taken to jail for driving while you license is suspended or invalid. A conviction can result in jail time, a fine and an additional period of suspension of your license.

Don’t run the risk of getting arrested for not having a valid license. Get your record cleared up. And if need be get an occupational driver’s license.

Often you don’t need an occupational driver’s license. Simply paying the tickets or surcharges you owe is enough to lift a license suspension. An attorney can help you find the reason for the suspension.

You can clear your driving record once you know the reason for the suspension. Then you can take steps to clear your driving record. Clearing your driving record may avoid the necessity of an occupational driver’s license. However, you can file a petition in the appropriate court to drive legally if you need to.

In most cases you can get an occupational driver’s license to drive legally. Then you can work on getting your regular license back.

An attorney can pull your driving record. Your driving record can help you find and clear up many of your problems to determine whether you need an occupational driver’s license.

You can also check the www.texasfailuretoappear.com to see if you have outstanding tickets or missed court dates. This website gives you the court’s contact information for each unresolved ticket.

Sometimes getting an occupational driver’s license is the only option. If you need one, you must prepare the proper papers, called a petition. You must file the petition for an occupational driver’s license in the proper court. The reason for the suspension determines in which court to file the petition.

An attorney can help you find the quickest and most economical solution to your situation. An occupational driver’s license will allow you to work and earn money. This will give you time to get the money you need to pay off any fines or other fees you pay owe.

There can be numerous reasons for a suspended license:

  • Unpaid fines for failure to appear in court
  • Driving while license suspended
  • No insurance convictions
  • DWI convictions
  • Too many moving violation convictions
  • Getting a new conviction during a suspension or invalid period
  • Being uninsured and at fault in an accident
  • Breath or blood test refusal or failure following an arrest for driving while intoxicated
  • Unresolved matters from another state
  • Expired driver’s license with other outstanding problems preventing renewal

Moreover, you cannot renew your car registration if you have unpaid or outstanding tickets. This can cause even more problems as cops can easily see the outdated sticker on your car. An outdated sticker gives the police a reason to stop you. This leads to additional fees making it more difficult to get you license back.

Having an occupational driver’s license can help you driving legally,

To get an occupational driver’s license you must:

  1. File a sworn petition in the correct court using the correct form.
  2. Pay the filing fee
  3. Get an SR-22 insurance certificate
  4. Get a copy of your driving record
  5. Request a hearing date
  6. Provide notice if required

Get your occupational driver’s license now and avoid the snowballing effect of not having a valid license.

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