Did you know the consequences of a theft conviction in Texas can lead to a criminal conviction that can last a lifetime.

Even a conviction for shoplifting of an item worth only a few dollars is a theft under Texas law. A conviction for any type of theft and you can end up with a conviction for the rest of your life.

Shoplifting is the same as theft in Texas. There is no difference between the two.

Theft is defined in the Texas Penal Code section 31.03. This section explains the different types of theft and the punishment for each one.

You may not know the serious consequences of a theft conviction. Even a theft conviction for shoplifting a small item worth only a few dollars can result in a criminal conviction.

More importantly, a theft conviction can never be erased from your criminal record.

In addition to a criminal record, theft convictions for larger amounts of money (over $100) can result in jail time. Sometimes a lot of jail time.

What are the consequences of a theft conviction:

  • loss of present employment
  • inability to obtain employment
  • failure to qualify for apartment leases
  • inability to qualify for many professional licenses

An attorney can help you avoid the consequences of a theft conviction. It is well worth the extra money to prevent having a lifelong criminal conviction on your record. Even if it’s for a minor shoplifting charge. Theft is theft.

Criminal defense attorneys can help you avoid the consequences of a theft conviction. Even if the evidence is stacked against you, a skilled lawyer knows how to prevent a final conviction. A lawyer can keep your record clear.

If you received a citation or got arrested for a theft charge, contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Most importantly, you should never go to court and just pay a fine for a citation for shoplifting. This will result in a final conviction for theft. And final convictions can never be erased. Not even for shoplifting.

Lawyers know ways to avoid the consequences of a theft conviction. Speak with a good attorney about your case today. All consultations are free

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