Child sex abuse: just saying the words gives you a creepy feeling

But what if you get accused of child sex abuse and you didn’t do it.

I get calls similar to this regularly. And the very first thing I tell the person is to not say anything to anyone about the accusation. You would be shocked at how quickly an accusation of this sort can be distorted and blown our of proportion. Talking makes it worse.

The more you try to explain that you did not commit child sex abuse the more guilty you sound to everyone.

People that hear the words child sex abuse come to a quick conclusion of guilt.

They think you are guilty even before they have any idea what happened. It’s an automatic “he did what to that poor child.”

It’s never “lets wait until we hear his side of the story.” It’s always, he must have done it. Kids don’t lie about this stuff.

The truth is they do lie. Or they are coached by an ex-spouse looking to get even. Or possibly get the upper hand in the divorce. It’s amazing to me how far people will go to manipulate a child to get even with an ex-spouse.

Many times a child sex abuse case crops up in the midst of a divorce. Even after years of a solid marriage, when there is talk of divorce things go bad and suddenly there is an accusation of abuse.

The most important thing for you to do if you are accused of this most terrible of crimes is to contact a lawyer and get good legal advice. Never try to explain yourself to friends and relatives. They invariably misunderstand what you tell them or the twist the facts and tell someone else.

That person then tells another persona and suddenly the original explanation you gave is completely distorted.

An accusation of child sex abuse can ruin your life.

Even if you go to trial and win, the stigma of the accusation is still there.

An experienced lawyer can help you deal with all aspects of the accusation. But more importantly, you have someone you can confide in who will not judge you.

A lawyer with experience in this child sex abuse can quickly begin preparing a defense.

And many times the charges will get dropped long before there is a need for a trial.

You should never speak to CPS or police detectives without your lawyer present. They are not there to help you. They are there to collect evidence against you. Never speak to them without first talking to a lawyer.

You should hire a criminal defense lawyer quickly if you are accused of child sex abuse. This is even more important if you are innocent.

By Andrew J. Williams, board certified criminal lawyer.

Andrew Williams, an experienced attorney who can challenge evidence in a DWI case
About the Author: Andrew Williams
I am a criminal defense lawyer with over 20 years experience defending people accused of wrongdoing. I am board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Only ten percent of attorneys in Texas are board certified in their respective field. I practice criminal law exclusively in both state and federal court including appeals of criminal cases.